Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts automatically apply to all items contained within each product-specific collection (H6000 Practice Jerseys, H550B NHL Jerseys, HS2100 Socks, A1850 Hoodies, etc.).

Discounts are cumulative when buying different sizes or colors in the same collection, so you can get better pricing by purchasing more items from the same collections.

For example, if you purchase (6) H6100 Red/Black Jerseys, (6) H6100 Gold/Black Jerseys, (6) H6100 Grey/Black Jerseys, and (6) H6100 Kelly/White Jerseys, you'll receive the 24+ quantity price for all of those jerseys!

But, if you purchase (6) H6100 Jerseys, (6) H6400 Jerseys, (6) H6500 Jerseys, and (6) H7500 Jerseys, you would receive the 6+ quantity discounted price for those items -- not the 24+ quantity price -- since the items are all from different collections.


Quantity discounts are displayed on each product page and the discounted price will automatically update in your cart once you've added the appropriate amount of items.

Buy more jerseys, save more money. Happy discounting!